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Adventure Morocco Tours

Adventures In Morocco, Travel in Morocco.

characteristic places :

Meknes :   Zagora :   Volubilis :
The areas surrounding the current city of Meknes fell under the domination of the Roman Empire in 117 AD The original community from which the city took life has been identified as a fortress of the eighth century. The Berber tribe Miknasa settled there in the tenth century , giving life to a town around the fortress . Surely the heyday of this is when the city became the capital of Morocco under the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail ( 1672-1727 ) . It was established in the 30s of the garrison of the French Foreign Legion . Meknes is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site . Meknes is a small town in the north that still retains a special charm and where people can seem more discreet and less intrusive in large cities such as Marrakech or Fes. Also here you will find the souk with shops but in a more quiet and peaceful. Do not miss: The Djema Rouah is the mosque of the stables : a large building that has been restored. The Dar Jamai Museum with its exhibition of handicrafts and Moroccan Andalusian within a quiet courtyard ..   Zagora is a city located in the central part of Morocco near the sandy desert of Sahara Ilkhikhn n . Its inhabitants belong to the Berber Atlas Tribà ( ait Alouane and draoui ) . In ancient times it was called " gateway to the desert " that opened sub-Saharan africa . He played an important role at the time of the caravans of traders and nomads who set out from Timbuktu , Mali, up to the Karaouine Tunisia.Nella province is working in ceramics . The city boasts charming resorts and beautiful residential buildings , public and commerciali.Città departure for the desert of Erg Chegaga uninhabited and the wildest of Marocco.Tamgrout , a village 25 km from Zagora , Koranic school is the oldest d ' Africa. In the town of Amezrou living populations of African origin ( Malaysia and Senegal ) that were imported from the Kingdom of Morocco to be used as slaves. For lovers of silver here you can shop affordable within a factory of the place. Excursions depart from this village in the Draa Valley riding donkey (very funny) .   You can admire the imposing ruins of the basilica which has two opposing apses , the capitol of the Severi ( in court ) , temples dating back to the first century , the aqueduct and baths . Shortly before entering the west is an imposing triumphal arch built by Marcus Sebastian in honor of Caracalla , as evidenced by the names of her and her mother, carved on the pediment . Continuing to the left ( in the direction SSO) after the Forum and the basilica to the south will take you to the public baths . Its characteristic is the presence in many homes of mills and tanks for the production of olive oil. They are recognizable four-door , the main one being connected to the road from Tangier , enter the decumanus maximus that continues up the west entrance . Along the decumano are the remains of many houses decorated with polychrome mosaics , some of which are in excellent condition . Among the most important ones located in the home of Orpheus ( Orpheus charming the animals with lyre , Amphitrite on chariot pulled by hippocampus , the nine dolphins) , in the house of Venus and the procession to the house of the columns.
Merzouga :   Ouarzazate :   Rissani :
In the province of Er Rachidia is located méta favorite oasis for tourists who want to visit the desert and the great sand dunes (ergs). At one time it was only a stopping point for the nomads crossing the desert, which later became a real village with its various tribes. Today is an important milestone for tourism in Morocco because the area has been developed to accommodate the many visitors, yet offering a breathtaking landscape, the many services offered by the riad and still maintain the charm and peace. From here safaris in the desert with camels and caravans for camps, oases, excursions and visits to the camps.   Founded over twenty years through the work of French as a military and administrative center. A modern town situated in the valley of the Dades close to the sandy desert of the Sahara. Known for its film studios (Atlas Film Studio Corporation) where they are still shot film set in the desert as a Hollywood epic productions of the past as The Sheltering Sky. In its outskirts there is a beautiful complex: the Casbah Taorirt inhabited until the thirties. Today, it remains only a tourist site visited. Not far from the city can be visited another beautiful Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou with its village is definitely one of the best preserved and most visited sites in Morocco. Bebere populations living in the village and offer tourist handicrafts and local food.   One of the larger towns close to the desert of Erg Chebbi in the province of Errachidia . Surrounded by 350 Ksar and Kasbahs and the capital of the cultivation of dates . This city is populated by Berbers of the desert, those who have left the nomadic life because of drought or for a more comfortable life for their families . Well known for the oldest market in the nation (the only city in Morocco where the market is held 3 times a week ) where artisans work in the shops , blacksmiths and carpenters expose their wares to curious tourists. The local herbalists are used as our pharmacies. Do not miss the market for donkeys and sheep . In this city you eat " madfouna " ( Berber pizza ) , a pizza stuffed with meat and spices. It is only 40 km from the desert , and can be a nice little town to spend a day walking among the local people or where to buy souvenirs at reasonable prices. Take home a photo of "gate" of the city.

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