Kingdom Of Morocco

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Information regarding the country :

"Kingdom of the West " is the translation from Arabic Al - Maghrib , which means " West " is commonly used . In other languages the name is used Morocco , which derives from the previous capital of the kingdom , Marrakech, which in Berber means "Land of God. " Morocco is the most in the West and the Arab world Muslim. And ' separated by only 9 miles from the rest Europe. The door of Africa. The charm of this nation is found in every village , in every landscape and its wonderful city , Rabat , Marrakech , Fez , Meknes , Agadir, .. A history of traditional architecture , pottery, leather, carpets. In Morocco you will find evidence everywhere of its great passion for tradition , from Medieval city , ruins Roman , Berber fortresses and Islamic monuments among the most beautiful the world. Tangier , Casablanca , Marrakesh .. Speak these names gives us the perception , illusion , to smell the its spices , or of its markets . For travelers who want to know Africa Morocco is without a doubt the point of perfect starting . Just a step away from Europe can offer you a scenery Compleat different from what is in your nation. An ethnic landscape , exciting , which can make a unique experience. You can walk in the markets outdoors where merchants will convince you to bargain with them the price of each item they have in their stall : carpets, leather, wood , jewelry, spices and lamps.

Official Languages :

Arabic is the official language spoken in Morocco, Berber populations still maintain their native language and the French.

Population :

The population is 32,322,600 (2011). 50% of the population is under the age of 20 years. It is estimated that the population will grow to 43 million by the 2035.

The Coin :

The official currency is the Moroccan Dirham. The euro is accepted by the chains of department shops, hotels and restaurants. You can check the daily exchange online.

Alimentation :

The Moroccan dishes are full of flavor , aroma and color . Perfumes and combinations of sweet and salty that change in each area of the nation. The Tagine dish is definitely the most common , scented with saffron , the cumin and cilantro . Each region has its own specialties , traditions and hospitality , In fact , what makes it good Moroccan food is the atmosphere that is created to share with the local people. between the flavors of the famous national Cous Cous . there is a variety of discrete Cous Cous , there are numerous combinations of condiments and spices. Each region has its own specialties . this does not spare even the meat and vegetables. Of course you will have the chance to try the Moroccan dish : bstela : a little delicacy from the soft dough inside enclosing pigeon fillet , parsley, eggs , almonds, honey and finally, dusted with sugar and cinnamon. truly a unique taste. The dishes and cakes can be served with ground beef or chicken. The soups are a dish that does not is always on the table in Morocco , such as Harira , lentils and chickpeas. Finally , you can not resist the dish most of all is our nation , the tagine , beef , chicken and even fish accompanied with vegetables and sometimes fruit, cooked in a typical " pot " terracotta lid cone from which the dish is named. To conclude , the crepes with honey and sesame seeds , almonds cakes or dried fruit accompangato a mint tea , not forgetting the.

Climate :

Morocco is a country that enjoys great weather throughout the year , although the month of November to the end of January temperatures drop considerably , and allow the snow off of the Atlas Mountains and give a typical mountain landscape, snow slopes , villages that can completely change their appearance. It can happen that some roads are closed , especially in the case of very high mountain . From February onwards, the temperature begins to alsarzi and temperatures become perfect for trekking in desert or mountains. In summer the temperatures are rising significantly, to 45 ° and then becomes very difficult to go into the desert with camels or bivouacs . There are many alternative places to the summer heat , as the valley of Ait Bouguemmaz around the mountain catana Atlas or the city of Agadir. The best times to visit Morocco are from February to June and from September to November. Check before leaving the site :

Religion :

The lslam is the official religion in Morocco , but the coexistence with other religions is perfect ( the practice of other revealed religions is guaranteed under the constitution ) . the day is punctuated by five calls to prayer . And ' the Muezzin calling them from the top of its minaret . During the month of Ramadan in Morocco is fast : do not drink and do not smoke from dawn to dusk and the daily rhythm is disrupted . the majority of the administrative offices , public services , monuments and shops adapt their schedules to allow their employees to pray. However, non-Muslims can their meals at some restaurants and the United hotels . The days drag on ... but the nights are extraordinary ! Ramadan is practiced by every citizen believer and practitioner exception made ​​for the sick, the children and pregnant women . Each year, the date of Ramadn changes. The end of Ramadan is celebrated as a feast national.