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They Ali, a Berber boy was born in a village in the south of Morocco not far from the town of Rissani and the desert dunes of Erg Chebbi. Boast many years of experience in tourism and I have a knowledge that we can bring this drive in this beautiful journey. I am also the president of an association for the development of social co-operatives work for the village where I was born, Taguerroumt, 25 km from the town of Rissani. For the lucky ones who book a tour to the desert of Merzouga and visit the city of Rissani, can discover this tiny village and take tea with the families who live there. Ali Bourki - Adventure Morocco Tours Long is the list of cities , villages , and museums that make Kasbhe the richness and beauty of this country . You could just as complex and difficult to list here would memorize the names given the difficulty in pronouncing that you address ! As a guide I could lead you in the main places of interest. From the smallest to the cities and remote villages and camps, and not forgetting to mention the scenery along the way meet. But you will be , driven by curiosity and your own needs, to decide the path that suits you , one that reflects your idea of ​​travel . For me, I was born in this wonderful country , every place has its own atmosphere that can enrich your vacation unforgettable memories . For your convenience in choosing the orientation and help each path is accompanied by a selection of images, so that you can have in mind what you are going to visit this or that if you decide to tour. It 's just a handful of photos ... not to spoil the surprise!

One final observation : I always recommend everyone to choose good to those who rely on as many will lead you to Morocco, but I provide my years of experience in the tourism and the love for this earth so as to fill your journey of emotions ..